Omphalos. Sewage and audio work. Aiurart, Bucharest, 2016

The sewage signalizes the passage between two worlds: the visible one – of buildings, parks, traffic and the invisible, underground one, of the entrails of the city, of pipes, of secret or imagined tunnels. It drains the impurities of the household, spilled towards the cleaning capillaries. This time, the dark content turns back towards us as a whisper.

The content (willingly burried, thrown away or forgotten) of our psyche, comes back in a language impossible to understand, built up of recomposed memories, distorted memories which the adult, the rational, conscient being, cannot recognize as personal belongings. We have lost for good the access to this language, although it permanently speaks within us, stronger than what we have ever learned, stronger than what we have become, the language which is so old we cannot remember, which is – maybe – so hard to utter that we want to forget it.


We do not choose the body in which we are born. Similarly, we receive from the outside the first part of our personality and we have no control over it. The first layer of our personality is built by people around who tell us how we were before being aware of ourselves, who make a portrait of us as small children – were we fearful, brave, independent, our first sentences - were they very correct or, on the contrary, did we make speech mistakes? The language made up of words invented by children is a metaphor for our subconscious and for the fight of the adult against the labels received during childhood – accepted  without being questioned and so deeply interiorized that we cannot even distinguish them.   


”Omphalos” is an old Greek artefact placed to mark the center of the world and the word literally means „navel”. It was thought that the ”Omphalos” allowed direct communication with gods – some of these artefacts are empty on the inside in order to allow the poisonous vapors to be inhaled by the Oracle. 

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