The aesthetics of absence


This series of works is based on found objects, such as old pieces of furniture that had been used for a long time. The objects stored inside left their traces on the material and you can clearly see their shapes after they had been removed. I am considering within these works the idea of touch and of the often invisible memory of that touch. Each object is altered by the contact with another object, with the substances in the air and by time. On the skin of these objects which served as containers – shelves, drawers – you can see traces of the contact with other objects. These elusive memories are visible only if the object has been stored there for a long time, creating a bond with the container and then it had been removed, leaving a trace behind, like a ghost of that specific object. 
Sometimes I choose to add other small found objects on top of this ghostly background to empahize the contrast between the two realities: a time that has passed, of which only a fable trace is available and a present made up of unidentified, desintegrated small pieces, like strange, unreadable signs.

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