Sweet Destruction


The National Library of Romania, Bucharest, Was Jetzt project, group show - 18 September - 28 October 2020 

Altering or by-passing the functionality of an object transforms it into a poetic object. Instead of performing a ”back and forth” movement on the horizontal plane in order to cut objects, the jigsaws are performing the same movement, but on the vertical plane, suspended in a natural slow motion rhythm - seemingly inoffensive, but keeping a slight idea of threat, maybe precisely because of the hesitant nature of the movement. They are not anchored by anything so each installation of balloons floats around as if having its own will.

Its discreet ”up and down” movement, similar to the movement of breath, contrasts highly with the sheer force we usually associate jigsaws with; it is as if the time itself slows down while watching the blades’ movement, as if a space with a different gravity is being created.

Altering the functionality of the objects, freeing them from the meaning they get through the way we use them, but also cancelling the gravity and observing vairous ”species” of time (the qualitative time, not the quantitative one) are part of my artistic research and have been addressed in previous installations as well (Increate).

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